To Download Nomination form Click Here: 2019 Guidelines for Nomiation r3

Guidelines for Nomination and Selection to the Bethel School District Athletic Hall of Fame

A. Anyone may nominate a candidate for the Hall of Fame. Additional nomination forms available at all Bethel School District high schools.

B. The following items may be considered as a possible basis for nomination. These items are not meant to be inclusive nor does attainment make membership automatic.

1. Athletes:

  • Shall be a graduate of a Bethel School District High School
  • Shall exemplify characteristics of integrity, sportsmanship and citizenship before and after graduation

Additional considerations:

  • Member of a state championship team
  • Qualified for state playoffs at least twice
  • An individual or member of a team winning a district or above tournament or meet
  • An individual or member of a team placing in the top four in a state tournament
  • Selected to an all-league, area, district, regional or all-state team
  • Received multiple varsity letter and/or other team or school athletic awards
  • Received six or more varsity letters
  • Was a school record holder
  • Participated in a school and/or community service outside of athletics
  • Athletes will be eligible for nomination ten years after graduation

2. Coach

  • Shall have coached in a Bethel District school for minimum of ten years
  • Demonstrated an unusually high level of achievement which may include state, regional, district and league championships
  • Coached one or more athletes have received university scholarships or other high honors
  • Has been positively involved in the school and/or community
  • Coach will be eligible ten years after leaving the district

3. Team

  • May include state, regional, district and league championships.
  • Team will be eligible ten years after above competition

4. Contributor

  • Includes administrators, teachers, school staff, families, and community members who have made outstanding contributions or offered extraordinary services to student athletes and the athletic programs of the Bethel School District.
  • Contributor will be eligible after ten years of competition and or award

C. All qualified nominees not selected will remain on the master nomination list for three years

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