About Us

A group of community volunteers have formed the Bethel School District Athletic Hall of Fame. This group is a nonprofit organization that has partnered with the Bethel School District Foundation and the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation to better serve our purpose.

The Athletic Hall of Fame exists to ensure that the athletic history and traditions of the district are celebrated. If you are interested in membership click here.

Our Mission

The mission of the Bethel School District Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor past teams, athletes, coaches and contributors of the Bethel School District.

Our Goal

The goal of this organization is to honor inductees at an Awards Ceremony held each year.

Board Officers

Bob Niehl

Vice President

Bryan Streleski
Vice President

Debbie Caramandi

JW Zurfluh


Lloyd Alwert
Rose Burmester
Wayne Bush
Felix Brodigan
Gerald Brodigan
Sandy W Brown
Lanny Gilstrap
Rick Ham
Will Kine
Dan Luhtela
Lee Martin
Linda Martin
Mike Matheny
Ed Mayo
Sandy McDaniel
Don McNiven
Marilyn Moorhead
Carol Lynn Ockfen
Curt Parsons
Michael Pavia
Tom Seigle
Ed Tingstad
Steve Wickline
Linda Zurfluh
Peggy Zurfluh
Betsy Zurfluh Sorenson
Amy Zurfluh

Lifetime Members

Roxane Asay
Darin Borden
Ed Niehl
Brian Streleski
Ed Tingstad

Don Ash
Marilyn Ash
John Briehl
Kellie Ham
Lerry Leifson
Sandy McDaniel
Mike Mullen
Ed Niehl
Dave Rich
John Zurfluh

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